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leith gin company hand sanitizer

Brighton Gin Hand Sanitiser- leith gin company hand sanitizer ,Brighton Gin has partnered with premium skincare producer, AS Apothecary, to created a skin-safe, vegan hand sanitiser. Made from a 75% ABV essence of Brighton Gin using all six of our botanicals, as well as mint and rosemary essential oils.Distillery Recalls Gin Bottles Filled With Hand SanitizerA distillery recently had to recall a ton of its gin bottles because they found out there wasn't any gin inside. However, there was hand sanitizer in it when he opened the bottle.

Sanitise Me - Leith Spirits

Leith Gin LeithAL Gin Leith Vodka Leith Rum Recipes Social Shop Events Sanitiser Contact Free C-19 Hand Sanitiser We have now brought our free sanitiser initiative to a close. HUGE thank you to all you lovely people who donated to our GoFundMe, and also ...

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Leith Gin Exceptionally crisp and smooth, every delicious drop of this contemporary-style Gin dazzles with invigorating freshness. Find Out More LeithAL Gin Weighing in at 57%, LeithAL Gin packs a mighty botanical punch! A bold and full flavoured gin ...

Bristol distillery makes hand sanitiser with gin botanicals

As demand for hand sanitisers soars due to the coronavirus outbreak, a UK-based distiller is offering consumers its own disinfectant made with ethanol, gin botanicals and aloe vera gel in exchange ...