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Savlon Handwash, Antiseptic Liquid Hand Wash- savlon hand sanitizer online ,Savlon Antiseptic Liquid Hand Wash protects from million germs and Leaves Hands Soft. It offers all-round cleansing protect against 100 diseases. Why Savlon? For over 50 years, Savlon has kept Indians protected against germs. Starting out with Antiseptic Liquid ...Savlon Hand Sanitizer Reviews | Home Tester ClubSavlon is popular for its range of hand washes, antiseptic liquids, soaps, and hand sanitizers. Savlon Pen Sanitizer spray is available in a 9ml pack to provide on the go safety from germs and viruses. Savlon Hand Sanitizer is available both at online as well as offline

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Savlon hand sanitizer provides effective protection against 100 disease causing germs including bacteria, yeast, mould and viruses. Savlon Sanitizer Kills 99.99% germs and keeps you safe and protected. Savlon pen sanitizer is fun to use and convenient to carry